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    Profile of St. Johnsville Saint Alex Hart.

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    Team: St. Johnsville Saints
    Sport: Basketball
    Position: Forward
    Age: 17
    Year in school: Senior
    Sport to play: Basketball
    Sport to watch: Basketball
    Athlete: Blake Griffin
    Team: Syracuse Basketball
    Subject in school: Calculus
    Movie: Hoosiers
    TV show: Survivor
    Actor: Sean Connery
    Song: ‘So Cold’ by Breaking Benjamin
    Musician: Breaking Benjamin
    Food: Chicken Riggies
    Explain what you enjoy most about your sport and athletics.
    What I enjoy most about sports and athletics is being a part of a team. Being through the ups and downs not only brings us all closer but it makes us into the strong disciplined people that we want to be. A team is something special and being a part of one is something I think everyone should experience at one point in there lives. Being a St. Johnsville Saint was truly enjoyable.
    What is your most memorable athletic moment?
    My most memorable athletic moment would have to be our first round sectional win against No. 9 seed Heatly. Everyone on the team played great and the fans were so supportive. We played truly as a team and whenever we played as a team it seemed like noone could beat us.
    Tell us about someone who inspires you in sports and why.
    My older brother John (a former Saint) inspired me in basketball ever since I was young. He’ll always play with me and will often tell me about his own basketball memories. Some of my fondest memories are of playing basketball with my older brother and other siblings.
    What are your greatest challenges balancing academics and sports?
    My greatest challenge in balancing academics and sports would have to be finding time to study the appropriate amount on test nights. Teachers are often considerate and skip homework on game nights though. The trick is remembering that you are a student-athlete, student first and athlete second.
    What are your plans after graduating from high school?
    My plan after graduating from high school is to attend a four-year college. Syracuse University has recently accepted me and is my number one choice so far. I hope to continue playing basketball on the side. My love of basketball will be with me for the rest of my life and my high school career is a wonderful memory I’ll never forget.
    appeared in March 23, 2013 print edition of The Times

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