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  • MATT MIGLIORE — Herkimer baseball

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    Age: 16
    Favorite Athlete and why?
    Mark Teixeira, he’s the best all around first baseman of the MLB.
    Family Members?
    Dad Sal and brothers Sal Jr. and Max
    Hunter, a yellow lab
    What sports do you play at your High School?
    Bowling and baseball
    What got you into playing sports?
    My dad had a baseball in my hand since I could pick it up and we always watched the Yankee games.
    What college do you plan on attending in the future and why?
    Any talents, or nickname you might have?
    The nickname Smooth
    Favorite coach and why?
    Coach Valasek, because he gave me the chance to show him that I could play and start in 9th grade.
    Most memorable experience in High School? (Relating to Sports)
    When our right fielder fell through the fence going after a fly ball in warmups.
    appeared in May 22, 2010 edition of The Telegram