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  • CHRIS ROBOTHAM — Dolgeville football

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    Team: Dolgeville Blue Devils
    Sport: Football  
    Age: 17
    Year in school: Senior
    Position: Wide Receiver, Defensive Back
    Sport to play: Football 
    Sport to watch: Basketball
    Athlete: Adrian Peterson
    Team: Penn State
    Class in school: Computer Aided Drawing and Design
    Movie: Billy Madison
    TV show: Nitro Circus
    Actor/Actress: Adam Sandler 
    Song: I Hope You Dance
    Band/musician: Lil Wayne
    Food: Hamburger and Fries
    In three sentences, explain what you enjoy most about your sport and athletics.
    I love athletics because they allow me to unleash my competitive spirit. Athletics bring about the struggle and perseverance between individuals which make them fun to play as well as watch. I love football because it takes the most thinking, scheming, and working as a team to make things go right.
    What is your most memorable athletic moment?
    My most memorable athletic moment is when I caught the game winning touchdown in our season opener against Herkimer. There was around 30 seconds on the clock and we got to around the 25 yard line. I came to the sideline and told coach (Chris) Connolly that I could run a fade and beat the kid who was guarding me because he was trying to press me. The play did not work out like that but (quarterback Zach) Goyette bought me time and I returned from the back corner of the end zone to receive the football in front of two defenders at the front corner of the end zone.
    Tell us about someone who inspires you in sports and why
    One of the most inspirational people who I look up to in the athletic community is Mardy Gilyard. Arriving in Cincinnati on a Division I scholarship things looked promising. This view changed as he had his scholarship revoked because he was not attending classes. Mardy owed the college $10,000 that he had to pay back on his own. He was homeless worked three jobs living in his borrowed car or on dorm room floors. His jobs included construction, passing out free bag lunches to the homeless, and delivering pizza. Amidst all this he managed to find time to visit the kids at the local chapel when time was available. This year after re-attaining his scholarship with coach Brian Kelley in previous seasons Gilyard led the Bearcats to another BCS bowl playing undefeated through the season. Mardy inspires me because he is an image who shows you can make it in anything you put your mind to as long as you have the determination to do it.
    Page 2 of 2 - What are your greatest challenges balancing academics and sports?
    My biggest challenge balancing academics and sports is getting my homework done on game nights. Although it can be considered a challenge I find it fairly easy due to block scheduling. Overall for me my athletics and academics do not interfere with each other a great deal.
    What are your plans after graduating from high school?
    After graduating high school I will be attending Penn State. I have been accepted onto University Park Campus which is the main campus located in State College, Pennsylvania. I plan to major in chemical engineering. I also plan on trying out for the football team.
    appeared in April 10, 2010 edition of The Evening Times

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