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  • PHOTO GALLERY: Little Falls Youth Wrestling Tournament

  • JANUARY 10 WRESTLING — Photos and results from fifth annual Little Falls Youth Wrestling Tournament.

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  • LITTLE FALLS, N.Y. — Almost 150 wrestlers gathered in the Little Falls High School gymnasium Sunday to compete for honors in the fifth annual Little Falls Youth Wrestling Tournament.
    Grapplers competed in five age divisions and a total of 32 weight classes. In all, there were 148 entries from as far away as Peru and South Glens Falls. The largest team contingent was the Journeymen club from the Albany and Schenectady area.
    Ten of the tournament champions were wrestlers from Herkimer County, including brothers Nikki Herringshaw (Bantam 68) and Alex Herringshaw (junior 81) from Little Falls; Noah Handy (junior 71), Stephen Gross (junior 110), Richard Lyon (junior 126) and Ian Nagle (junior 135) from Dolgeville; Kace Cook (feather 45), Tanner Cook (midget 80) and Tyler Brown (intermediate 123) from Ilion; and Derek Owen (intermediate 170) from Frankfort.
    The Herringshaws wrestle with the Journeymen.
    FEATHER 45
    First — Kace Cook, Ilion
    Second — Tanner McKenna, Warrensburg
    Third — Evan Austerman, Canastota
    Fourth — Lester LaBrake, Rome Hawks
    FEATHER 50
    First — Jesse Weiler, Whitesboro
    Second — Ashton Thompson, Rome Hawks
    Third — Colin Grogan, Little Falls
    Fourth — Christopher Schieble, Rome Hawks
    FEATHER 57
    First — Keith Lewis, Madison
    Second — Andrew Bouck, Mohawk
    Third — Jacob Whitmeyer, Canastota
    Fourth — Ian Ovitt, Little Falls
    FEATHER 65
    First — Hunter McKenna, Warrensburg
    Second — David Tomasek, Jouurneymen
    Third — Justin Hoffman, Barn Brawlers
    Bantam 49
    First — Alijah Seymour, Barn Brawlers
    Second — Seton King, New Hartford
    Third — Dawson Mower, Ilion
    Fourth — Toby Weber, Dolgeville
    Fifth — Dale Bennett III, Litte Falls
    BANTAM 53
    First — Stevo Poulin, Barn Brawlers
    Second — Caleb Svingala, Journeymen
    Third — Alexander Lemme, Journeymen
    Fourth — Logan Rubas, Dolgeville
    Fifth — Robert Rose, Little Falls
    Sixth — Tyler Stowell, Little Falls
    BANTAM 56
    First — Matthew LaPorte, Barn Brawlers
    Second — Dan Barry, Journeymen
    Third — James Hough, Journeymen
    Fourth — Anthony Traficante, Little Falls
    Fifth — Williaam Richardson, Little Falls
    BANTAM 61
    First — Patrick Balog, Rome Hawks
    Second — Wyatt Whitmeyer, Canastota
    Third — Connor Christman, Little Falls
    Fourth — Skylar Whittle,  Little Falls
    Fifth — Ben Reinhardt, Little Falls
    BANTAM 68
    First — Nikki Herringshaw, Journeymen
    Second — Dylan Baird, Holland Patent
    Third — Keagen Case, Adirondack
    Fourth — Christian Cacciatore, Ilion
    Fifth — Thomas Kubelius, Little Falls
    Sixth — James Aiello, Herkimer
    BANTAM 72
    Page 2 of 3 - First — Zach Lawrence, Journeymen
    Second — Jakob Edwards, n/a
    Third — Wayne Wallis, Canastota
    Fourth — Hunter Wenal, Little Falls
    Fifth — Joe Gotte, Holland Patent
    BANTAM 80
    First — Coleman Cerveniek, Journeymen
    Second — Riley Beaulieu, Dolgeville
    Third — Brennan Murray, Mohawk
    Fourth — Owen Cook, Little Falls
    Fifth — Austin Renfer, Canastota
    MIDGET 60
    First — Trent Svingala, Journeymen
    Second — Jon Charles, Shadow
    Third — Aaron Darling, Ilion
    Fourth — Eddie Rogers, Little Falls
    Fifth — Zachary Dillenbeck, Dolgeville
    MIDGET 68
    First — Seth Newman, Madison
    Second — Saige Shattuck, Barn Brawlers
    Third — Beau Burke, Madison
    Fourth — Jonathan Handy, Dolgeville
    Fifth — Marshall Bruggeman, Canastota
    MIDGET 76
    First — Hunter Richard, Holland Patent
    Second — Mason Warner, Morrisville-Eaton
    Third — Justin Martin, Whitesboro
    Fourth — Abigale Watson, Little Falls
    MIDGET 80
    First — Tanner Cook, Ilion
    Second — Nicholas Robbins, Barn Brawlers
    Third — Eoghan Sweeney, Journeymen
    Fourth — Trent Ingraham, Ilion
    Fifth — Alarick Storm, Journeymen
    MIDGET 85
    First — Christian Gramuglia, Burnt Hills
    Second — Nico Mattia, Barn Brawlers
    Third — Collin Treen, Ilion
    Fourth — Cameron Kilpatrick, Rome Hawks
    Fifth — Loren Lenaghan, Rome Hawks
    Sixth — Devin Hansen, Holland Patent
    MIDGET 94
    First — Tyler Barnes, Journeymen
    Second — Sam Linendoll, Barn Brawlers
    Third — Taylor Philpotts, New Hartford
    Fourth — Colby Harblin, Journeymen
    MIDGET 115
    First — Bryce Windecker, Shadow
    Second — Dillon Lyon, Dolgeville
    Third — Ryan Mykel, Little Falls
    JUNIOR 71
    First — Noah Handy, Dolgeville
    Second — Ryan O’Rourke, Adirondack
    Third — David Bardo, Shadow
    Fourth — Lucas King, New Hartford
    JUNIOR 81
    First — Alex Herringshaw, Journeymen
    Second — Christian Gramuglia, Burnt Hills
    Third — Mason Rabideau, Burnt Hills
    Fourth — Michael Zupan, Canastota
    Fifth — Cole Benson, Dolgeville
    Sixth — Tanner Smith, Little Falls
    JUNIOR 85
    First — Alexis Bleau, Journeymen
    Second — Ethan Huguley, Hudson Falls
    Third — Ryan Zawtocki, Ilion
    Fourth — Joseph Martin, Whitesboro
    Fifth — Eugene Ward, Little Falls
    Sixth — Dietrich Hartman, Journeymen
    JUNIOR 94
    First — Kevin Parker, Journeymen
    Second — Brian Knodler, Journeymen
    Third — Austin Benoit, New Hartford
    Fourth — Jason Hoffman, Barn Brawlers
    Page 3 of 3 - Fifth — Kristian Cerrone, Burnt Hills
    Sixth — Ronnie Gage, Herkimer
    JUNIOR 110
    First — Stephen Gross, Dolgeville
    Second — Dylan Panatalone, Journeymen
    Third — Tino Morra, Herkimer
    Fourth — Jantzen Mackey, South Glens Falls
    JUNIOR 126
    First — Richard Lyon, Dolgeville
    Second — Marcus Torres, Amsterdam
    Third — Brendan Kilpatrick, Rome Hawks
    Fourth — Autumn McLain, Madison
    JUNIOR 135
    First — Ian Nagle, Dolgeville
    Second — Landry Cook, Ilion
    Third — Brett Lewis, Madison
    Fourth — Kainin Macey, South Glens Falls
    First — Joshua LoGiudice, Journeymen
    Second — Andrew Dillenbeck, Dolgeville
    Third — Sam Olczyk, Holland Patent
    First — Dempsey King, New Hartford
    Second — Andy Coffin, Ilion
    Third — Joshua Gross, Dolgeville
    Fourth — Jerald Kilmartin, Journeymen
    Fifth — Dean Poulin, Barn Brawlers
    Sixth — Tucker Ofalt, Holland Patent
    First — Jordan Maynard, Journeymen
    First — Tyler Brown, Ilion
    Second — Devin Coonradt, Dolgeville
    Third — Caleb Homa, Dolgeville
    First — Nicholas Gramuglia, Burnt Hills
    Second — Dan Leon, Holland Patent
    Third — Marc Grogan, Holland Patent
    Fourth — Joe Aiello, Herkimer
    First — Nicholas Rehberg, Cobleskill
    Second — Matt Williams, Holland Patent
    Third — Matthew Sterlina, Burnt Hills
    Fourth — Troy Mackey, South Glens Falls
    First — Derek Owen, Frankfort
    Second — Anthony Papa, Burnt Hills
    Third — Jordan Reinhardt, Holland Patent
    Compiled From Evening Times Staff Reports

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