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  • Carter announces candidacy for state Assembly

  • District 12 Herkimer County Legislator Dan Carter Saturday announced his candidacy for the New York State Assembly.

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  • District 12 Herkimer County Legislator Dan Carter Saturday announced his candidacy for the New York State Assembly.
    The Democrat will seek the 117th District seat currently held by Republican Marc Butler in the November election.
    The 117th District encompasses Herkimer and Fulton counties and part of Otsego County.
    “I am a firm believer in working together to fix problems, not ignore them,” said Carter. “The Empire State has coasted on its past successes for too long and our entrenched leadership has missed too many opportunities to deserve re-election.”
    A lifelong machinist who has been involved in local politics for 10 years, Carter served two terms as Fourth Ward alderman on the Little Falls Common Council and is the Little Falls Democratic Committee chairman. Born and raised in Springfield, he graduated from Springfield Central School in 1970. After living in Dallas and Rhode Island for 15 years, he returned to upstate New York in the mid-1980s and settled in Little Falls. He has worked steadily ever since at Burrow’s Paper Corporation as a millwright and machinist, and as a machinist at E.J. Willis in Middleville. He resides with his son, Dillon, in the old Methodist church on Albany Street, Little Falls.
    “The Hinckley Reservoir debacle still has no solutions. My opponent asked for and did not receive $250,000 to further study the situation,” said Carter. “What’s to study? During my last campaign for the county legislature seat that I now hold, The Observer-Dispatch sent a questionnaire that asked what steps should be taken to ensure that water shortages don’t hinder residential and commercial growth in Herkimer County. My response now is Little Falls is blessed with a great water systems, however, the mismanagement at Hinckley this summer affects the entire area. I’m sure a blue ribbon panel is on the way to study this ad nauseum, but past data and statistics are rapidly becoming moot thanks to global warming. We need to prepare for worst case scenarios, rebuild the Gray Dam and keep the water levels as high as practical.”
    Carter added that he would also propose building another reservoir comparable to the size of Hinckley upstream on the West Canada Creek, complete with a new hydroelectric plant to charge all of the future electric vehicles that everyone will soon need when the oil runs out.
    “As far as the outrageous price of gasoline, gas is going, going gone. The Republicans’ willingness to push the gas tax holiday gimmick belies a dangerous incompetence on their part. Long-term solutions are needed. I have proposed a referendum in the county legislature allowing for ATVs and golf carts to run on some or all state and local highways. The oil crisis is here to stay and won’t be resolved by temporary tax gimmicks.”
    The resolution, introduced to the legislature’s Committee on Administration and Veterans’ Affairs, urges the state to allow operation of inspected and registered four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles on some or all state, county and local highways. In announcing the resolution Carter said these vehicles are much more fuel efficient than automobiles and safer than two-wheeled motorcycles, which are already street legal.
    Page 2 of 2 - “The tired Republican agenda has failed us. It’s time for new people along with new ideas,” said Carter.
    Carter has been endorsed by the Herkimer County Democratic Committee.
    Butler has held the 117th District seat since 1995. He had an opponent in 1995 and again in 2004, but has been uncontested every other year. 
    Joan Carrig, his 2004 opponent, also hailed from the city of Little Falls.