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  • Butler: It’s time to repeal Cuomo’s gun control law

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  • ALBANY — Assemblyman Marc Butler on Wednesday repeated his call for the repeal of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s gun control law, the NY SAFE Act.
    Second Amendment enthusiasts, law enforcement and business owners have joined Butler in calling for an end to the law.
    “It was a year ago that Gov. Cuomo and other left-wing special interests made criminals out of law-abiding citizens with his gun control law — it is time we repeal the flawed measure,” said Butler, R-Newport, in a news release. “I share my constituents’ frustration over Gov. Cuomo’s blatant attack on their Second Amendment rights, the careless disregard for gun-based job creators like Remington Arms and mom-and-pop gun shops and the disrespect shown to our law enforcement professionals. The governor was reactive, and forced a bad law upon the Legislature for obvious political reasons. Our citizens deserve better, and I am asking my legislative colleagues to repeal the law now.”
    Butler said there have been problems with the law since its inception.
    Numerous county sheriffs refuse to enforce it, citing the difficulty and risks involved, he said, adding law-abiding gun owners say the law is unconstitutional.
    Upstate’s economy, especially in the Mohawk Valley, has a deep connection to gun manufacturing and sales, said Butler. The law’s provisions have threatened this industry, he said. Many of the weapons are banned under the law due to cosmetic modifications that are popular with consumers, he said. Additionally, the centralized database for background checks for ammunition sales is currently not up and running, hindering bullet sales, he said.
    Butler has called the law’s effectiveness into question. Out of the 1,291 arrests under the AFE Act, nearly 84 percent were in New York City. This statistic points to the larger issue of illegal gun violence in inner cities, rather than in upstate New York, where a respect for shooting sports and guns is prevalent, he said.
    “It was a failure then, it’s a failure now — we must respect our citizens and repeal Cuomo’s gun control law,” said Butler.
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