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  • New Jersey man ends walk after 1,067 miles

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  • In August, a New Jersey man walked through the area along state Route 5S on a mission to reach the other side of the United States and to spread the message of kindness.
    Over the weekend, Thomas Francine said in an email he had to end his journey early in Pendleton, Ind., at 1,067 miles due to knee problems.
    “My knee, which I had surgery on two years ago, was not holding up well after so many miles,” said Francine in his email. “I tried to push through it but only made it worse. Still, I am of course very proud of this feat and what I have accomplished along the way!”
    Francine started his walk across the country in Portland, Maine, on July 8 and planned to reach San Diego in December. During his journey, which he called “Go Greater Good,” he handed out cards to encourage people to “change the world” through acts of kindness to someone you know, a stranger and to yourself.
    “With my message and various acts of kindness, I got to very personally reach out to over 1,000 people … and with 24 pieces of press, from both small towns and major cities, my message has traveled to thousands more I have never met,” he said in the email.
    Francine said to celebrate his 1,000 miles achievement, and as his final “act of kindness” of the journey, he is raising money for a fellow, fallen traveler.
    Emiliee Gagnon was killed in a bicycle accident in Ohio during a cross country trip to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America. Francine said he wants to raise $10,000 for the association in her memory. His link to raise money for her is http://support.mymsaa.org/goto/gogreatergood.
    Francine’s website about his journeys can be found at www.gogreatergood.com.
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